Snezhina Biserova


Snezhina Biserova


February 2020. After ravaging China, the Corona pandemic also moved to Europe.

July 2020 – five months later, there are no countries spared, and the questions are still more than the answers. What’s the future with Corona virus? The predictions and interpretations are numerous, and the expertise is ambiguous. What about the future? It’s up to us…

The artist`s book concept focuses on the current isolation, anxiety and dehumanization of urban spaces and the possible multiplication of the situation in the future.

The main text message is bilingual in Latin and Cyrillic.

The artist`s book is a double-side printed leporello. The front side contains 6 digitally generated monochrome graphic compositions based on author’s photography.

Both the front and the back side

of the book include typography in 2 colors.

Dimensions: unfolded – 28 x 342 cm; folded – 28 x 24.5 cm;

Technique: CGD, Giclee print with pigment inks on certified

Fotospeed Fine Art Inkjet Paper Platinum Matt – 280 gsm;

Cover – Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black 370 gsm ,with embossing;

Handmade slipcase – Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black 460 gsm

Limited edition of 10 identical copies, signed by the author.